My body, my personality, and my emotions have always been the subject of scrutiny. Whether it was from family, friends, boyfriends, or others, I had been conditioned to believe that I was both “too much” and "not enough.”

These criticisms caused me to constantly compare myself to others. And the amount of social media I consumed on a daily basis only made things worse. I would find myself scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feeds for hours admiring the other women I followed. I caught myself saying things like, "If only I looked like her, lived in the city she did, wore the clothes she sports around, and had the kind of relationships and friendships she boasts about, I too, would finally be happy. SHE. IS. GOALS.

But then, I realized something: Even though I think that girl is goals, she would probably never say that about herself, and more than likely, she thinks that someone else is goals... and so on and so forth.

My favorite author Regena Thomashauer once said, "I've never met a woman who wasn't beautiful, and I've never met a woman who knew how beautiful she truly was." 

But if no one else thinks that they, themselves, are goals, does that mean we are all just chasing an unattainable facade when we idolize others? 

This realization made me wonder what would happen if I decided to become my own goals instead of looking to others to create impossible milestones for my life.

And that is when I created a tool that let me take control of my confidence and my narrative, and I want to share it with you.

By downloading this #BYOG guide, you are helping me, yourself, and other women flip the script right here, right now. 


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