My name is Natalie Craig, and I'm the creator of Be Your Own Goals. You might also know me as the blogger behind Natalie in the City, a plus size fashion blog focused on body positivity and building confidence. In 2013, I created my blog, which has since been recognized by readers, media, and brands worldwide. I've been featured in publications like Refinery 29, Glamour magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Daily Mail, and USA Today for being unapologetically confident and vocalizing my struggles and triumphs as a plus size woman in the fashion industry. Through my blog, I have also helped change the narrative of curvy bodies in fashion with brands like Target, Walmart, Charlotte Russe, Almay, and more. Aside from my blog, I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism in 2015, and I currently double as a business-to-business magazine editor where I cover the manufacturing industry and write about topics like engineering and automation.

There are many reasons behind some of my successes, however, the main one is: confidence

“But how are you so confident?” It’s a question I get quite often. As a woman—and a plus size one at that—I’ve made my way through industries, friend groups, sports teams, and networks that didn't want to include me. I've struggled to fit in my entire life. 

Understand that while I may be confident now, it's something I work on every single day because the weight of the world and societal pressures do not get any lighter. To the same tune, I also know that being confident is easier said than done, which is why I created Be Your Own Goals. 

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